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Thread: problem with Vario grinder - left adjustment moves whilst grinding

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    problem with Vario grinder - left adjustment moves whilst grinding

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    My vario grinder (the earlier version) has recently developed a strange problem - the left hand fine adjustment knob moves downwards whilst the grinder is grinding.

    For my machine/grinder combo I generally have the right hand adjustment at the most fine setting (top), and the left adjustmnet 3 to 10 clicks down from the top (depending on bean age/roast). It seems the closer the left adjestment it is to the top (finest setting) the more likely it is that it drifts downward in the middle of the grind. I have to physically hold it in position.

    Has anyone experience a similar problem with their Vario? Any ideas on how it could be fixed (other than taping the knob in place, which I don't want to do).

    I know parts are available for these, so wondering if maybe something needs replacing internally?

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    This is not an unusual problem for this model. In fact it is very common. Baratza do not include it in the troubleshooting section of their website, but there is a video on YouTube showing how to install shims to fix it - search for this "Vario Series, Lever Arm Shimming"

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