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Thread: Grinder for Stovetop kettle - is it still as important?

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    Grinder for Stovetop kettle - is it still as important?

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    I have owned various coffee machines over the years however I keep coming back to my stovetop kettle for ease and consistancy...

    I am looking at buying a decent grinder ( i.e. a Rocky or K3 ) but wanted to ask you guys whether its worth spending circa $500 on a grinder that will be used for a stovetop only.

    Given that there isn't the detail of taste extracted by a Stovetop, i just wonder if I should just go cheaper - i.e. a sunbeam etc...

    not worried about spending the money, just want the right tools for the job

    thanks! Tony

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    My opinion,
    The grinder is very important no matter what the brew method is.
    I've been using a Mazzer for my Moka pot when I'm away from my home setup.
    The coffee is just beautiful and consistent.

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    I've just been away camping with a Moka pot & aeropress (and then an E61 machine weekend) and I reckon for mainly manual processes with the occasional espresso machine bash, you really couldn't go past a Lido 2
    Great flavour, clean and fast - about 20secs for 20g. And it's not like you're likely to do multiple back to back pots - and you can then take it away with you!

    Cheers Matt

    OE Lido 2 grinder | Talk Coffee

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    Quite a few of us are happy with the Breville smart grinder. Before that I had a De Longhi KG100, which struggled with espresso but was OK for other methods. But whatever floats your boat.

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