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Thread: Recycle Lux Grinder

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    Recycle Lux Grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi guys
    I am in the process of buying a new Giotto, but have really over-pushed my budget (and the forgiveness of The Wife).
    I was using a Napoletana (=Lelit Combi=Imat) which I think has a Lux grinder. One option to me is to do some metalwork on the Napoletana and keep using the grinder.
    Are there any opnions out there on the Lux compared with (say) the Rancillio Rocky.
    This is just a home machine, but I want to get the best out of my new gleaming Giotto.

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    Re: Recycle Lux Grinder


    Hi and welcome to CoffeeSnobs.

    The Giotto is deserving of a much better grinder than the Lux (or Iberital)....

    The limitation with most machines (except the cheapest) is the quality of the grinder.... and either of the above will hold back the potential of the Giotto....

    Have a talk to one of the site sponsors (the one who hopefully you bought the machine from ;))..... and they will steer you in the direction of an appropriate grinder....

    It would be a total waste to use a quality machine like the Giotto with an inferior grinder.

    When funds are tight, Id recommend spending the money on a grinder..... and then getting a better machine rather than the other way around.

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    Re: Recycle Lux Grinder

    Thanks JavaB
    Sounds sense, but I hate to waste money!
    It woud be an interesting exercise to do a grind from an old blade chopper that I have (not even heavy enought to use as a boat anchor!), the Lux from the Napoletana, then a demo grind from a good machine. If nothing else this would be a good excuse to drink more cofee.
    I ordered the Giotto through a contact from this site and whilst there are closer geographic suppliers, I felt that I had hit jackpot in terms of friendliness and support (hopefully will never be needed).
    Like you, he suggested selling the Naploetana and getting a better grinder. Guess that i just need to be convinced!

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