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Thread: Iberital Challenge replacement Carbon brushes

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    Iberital Challenge replacement Carbon brushes

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    Anyone know where I could get a replacement pair?

    I ground down an oversize pair but the motor sounds strained and slow

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    G'day mate...

    Have you tried contacting Iberital Australia? They have a web page with contact details...

    Also, just so's you know... Brushes ain't brushes. It's a very risky thing to do to cut down brushes from some other kind of machine and expect them to work the same as originals. If the carbon compound being used is too hard, too soft, not enough copper, too much copper, etc etc, you may end up wrecking the commutator of the armature. Best to rip 'em out and wait 'til you can get some originals...

    Mal. (Retired Electrical Engineer)

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