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Thread: Promac/Rancilio MD Grinder Hopper Removal

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    Promac/Rancilio MD Grinder Hopper Removal

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    Hi All,

    I have a promac grinder which seems to be a rebranded rancilio md series grinder.

    I cant for the life of me work out how or even IF the hopper can be removed so i can empty beans when not needed.

    I've looked at the manual from the forum but it makes no mention of how to remove it.

    does anyone have one or know how to do this? i dont want to have to tip the entire grinder upside down as it'll be getting bolted into place soon


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    If it's really a rebadged Rancilio MD grinder, if you clear the beans out of the hopper you should see some holes surrounding the outlet chute in the base of the hopper - there will be screws at the bottom of those holes that secure the hopper. They aren't actually needed to keep the hopper in place, so if you want to be able to lift the hopper off regularly you can just remove them permanently. Biggest hassle will be cleaning out the holes to access the screws - they tend to fill up with broken bits of bean.
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