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Thread: Compared k3 going crazy??

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    Compared k3 going crazy??

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    Compared/compak. Tomato/tomato....

    Hoping those with more experience than I can help out here.

    My K3 seems to be all over the shop. I'll dial it in for a nice 30 second pour, which will turn into a 42 second pour. It might stay at 42 seconds, then move about some place else.

    not sure if this is beans causing this inconsistency or something else.

    the only thing that could have changed to cause this: I recently took the grind regulator out to clean the chamber after it had stopped grinding coffee.

    So, having put it back together, it grinds now, but I can't say it is doing it well.

    I 'think' I put it back together properly. Could it be miss assembly causing my consistency issues, or something else?

    thanks in advance for any wisdom.

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    Check the silicon flap in the spout. If it's been pushed back or is damaged, you can get varying doses. Check also that you are dosing consistently by weighing a few doses.

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    Thanks. I am weighing my output so it isn't that. However, I did push the silicone flap back when I had it undone, thinking that for some reason would help the grinder not clump so bad. So I should push both sides of the flap forward?...

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    Yes the flap should angle towards the outside, so the grounds have an easy out path.


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