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Thread: Please help me diagnose what i've done to my Rocky

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    Please help me diagnose what i've done to my Rocky

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    This problem is driving me nuts, so hopefully someone here can help!

    A few weeks back, I decided to pull the top burr out of the Rocky to give it a clean, to which I am fairly confident I did everything to an acceptable level of gentleness. After putting it back together, I noticed I had to go from a previous 8 setting to 3 to get a similar flow rate in the machine (Silvia, if it helps).

    But it was definitely more inconsistent than before, so I cleaned it out again and tried the common 'teflon tape' fix around the burr carrier. Now, when grinding, there seems to be a small amount of large particles (perhaps ~1-2%) interspersed with the fine grind (around 2 on the rocky). I wish I had a good enough camera to take a picture....The end result seems to be some gushing whilst making coffee.

    Anyone had a similar experience or know what to do? I think as a last result, I'll order some replacement burrs.

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    I found with the rocky that the number doesn't mean much just an indication that one direction goes finer and the other direction goes more coarse. After cleaning I always had to dial in the grind again.

    As to the inconsistency I'm not sure, if the top burr has been tightened down properly I can't see why it would cause a problem unless it's no longer level.

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