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Thread: Mazzer Mini-E (type a) grind time settings

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    Mazzer Mini-E (type a) grind time settings

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    Hi All,

    Need some advise on how to set up my grinder times on my new Mazzer Mini-E (type A). I have found the flow rate a bit inconsistent the hopper is always 1/3 to 2/3rds full and I have found I want to do a settle tap halfway through grinding so just not sure the best way to set the pre-timed grind buttons. Any thoughts/experience?

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    Hi Aussiejoel.

    I recently bought one second hand, but it has the older style screw timer adjustments. Nevertheless, I found the same need for a tap halfway through. What I have done is set the 2-shot timer to give me half what I need, so I do one timed run, then do a light tamp, then repeat the timed run.


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    Mazzer Mini-E (type a) grind time settings

    Hi Joel,

    I have a Compak K10 fresh with all the bells and whistles. I don't use the timer. I simply use it in push to grind mode.

    Step are:
    1. Push and slightly overfill
    2. Scrape across top to level grinds
    3. Knock down on bench
    4. Repeat 1
    5. Repeat 2
    6. Repeat 3
    7. Tamp

    This is dosing by volume. You will get the same close to the same weight of coffee shot to shot. Works for me.

    I hope that makes sense


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    Sort out the inconsistency 1st, ie; adjust the collar and manually dose by trial and error until you can make a consistent desirable shot. Once you have this, you should be able to gauge by eyeball how much ground stuff went needs to go into the portafilter. Then set the timer and add or minus a bit of time by trial and error to get it in the ballpark. Hope this helps

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