Hi everyone, my first time on the forum and actually my first time ever on a forum so see what happens.
Well I started about 6 years ago with a Gaggia expresso machine using bought ground coffee wasn`t happy so bought a Rancillo Rocky grinder much improvement I thought.
A couple of years past and the Gaggia had its problems so I was given the go ahead by my lovely wife to buy a new machine, I did my homework and ended up buying a Rocket Giotto and have been very happy.
Just recently we have purchased a holiday home and had the problem of of no lattes or down to the corner cafe.
On the internet and came across dodgy x Coffee ( Paul ), after a chat with Paul and his recommendation I am now the owner of a Bezzera BZ 10 and a Quamar M50 Grinder, I have only had them both for a couple of weeks now and I must say I am very happy with both products and the build quality of both is exceptionable,
Thanks again Paul from dodgy x for the recommendation, both expresso machines are different to use but I am now getting use to the Bezzera I am liking it more and more.
Paul recommended this as I only have a small kitchen in the unit and I must say good things do come in small packages.
I am so happy with the Quamar grinder I am now going to buy from Paul another one to replace my Rancillo Rocky for home, so if there is any one out there chasing a Rocky I will have one for sale in excellent condition.
Thanks again to Paul dodgy x Coffee for all your help and recommendations.