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Thread: The Best Grinder for Me?

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    The Best Grinder for Me?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello CS,
    First time poster, long time reader.

    As a novice and soon to be a beginner of making coffee at home on a new machine (Elektra MC) and to save spending in excess of $70 a week on T/A Coffee.

    I have read many forum posts about types of grinders, stepped vs stepless etc.

    I am currently looking at a Rocky, K3T and Eureka Mignon.

    Which would you recommend for my MC.

    Much appreciated
    Thank you

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    Welcome Troy,

    I'd eliminate the Rocky unless it's a Bargain. Suggest also that you add Macap M2 variants to your shortlist...Here's our buying guide which may be of use...

    Happy shopping..


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