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Thread: Quamar Q50 VS Mazzer Mini

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    Quamar Q50 VS Mazzer Mini

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    Hey coffeesnobbers ! Trying to decide whether to buy the Quamar Q50 E or the Mazzer mini E. I have been told that they are both very similar in performance and that the only difference really is the price. Does anyone have any pros and cons of both grinders? Is there another mini grinder out there on the market for the home brewer ?

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    Hi Kurt,
    Mazzer Mini E is built like a tank but very slow. 30-40 seconds for a 20g shot is typical. I don't list these any longer but can, of course, get them if someone really wants one.
    Quamar Q50P, Q50E and Macap M4D are all approx 3x quicker than a Mini E. These are 3 great grinders. Once you go over $500 all grinders are pretty good. Choice sometimes comes down to value, and value is subjective.
    Q50P is a great grinder but if you have a few extra $ you should consider a Q50E or M4D. Next step up is the Quamar M80E and Compak E5.
    There are heaps of grinders available. These are my personal recommendations.
    I hope that helps a little.
    You may find this thread useful:
    Cheers, Paul

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