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Thread: HELP!! cant take apart my em0480

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    HELP!! cant take apart my em0480

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    Hi guys.. i half posted this in another thread in another forum heading, but am desperate for help so apologise if this is against forum rules

    It started with coffee making issues which lead to me cleaning my grinder. After i put it back together i had the following issues

    1. The collar no longer 'clicks' for most settings, the audiable clicks on a small amount of grind numbers, i think around the COARSE area of the grinder.

    2. I can no longer get the arrows of the base and collar to line up. The arrow on the collar only extends another 2-3 cm from the end of the 'COARSE' setting.

    I can no longer take my collar off as these arrows dont line up.

    The only thing i can think of is when i took it apart to clean, i also removed the plastic bit that screws directly under the collar. When putting it together i might of put this part on wrong (back to front) and this may be stopping the collar from turning as intended.

    Is there anyway other way i can take the collar of so i can have a better look at it? what about unscrewing from the bottom up?

    any help would be greatly appreciated, im not in a position to purchase onther grinder at this time, and have a new cafe machine sitting there looking pretty but doing nothing

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    Hi, Have a look at this vid'< > part 2. If you havent already. But I think it will be the outer burr ass'y not sitting on the colar properly. It's about the 2.40 in video.

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