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Thread: Mazzer Mini Eletronic Sick (Pre Timer Edition)

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    Mazzer Mini Eletronic Sick (Pre Timer Edition)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Came home yesterday to a 'I didnt break it' situation. Was told the grinder produces 1/2 a dose and subsequently made clicking noises but didnt produce any grinds.

    I verified the outcome.. the clicking was the relays operating when the grind buttons were pressed, same outcome if i click manual, single or double dose... click and nothing else happened.

    If I persisted I could at times get the motor to move a little but nothing more., time for a stripdown.

    I removed the hopper, loose beans and tried again. The motor run but slowly (and I had a big mess as it spurted out the beans ... note cover top next time).

    I further loosened the grind assembly to see if it improved, it did but only marginally... motor seems to run but without the same vigor that it had prior.

    Complete top end strip down revealed nothing special, motor runs but appears to be under powered, if left running it appears to splutter from time to time... I've seen this before with other brushed motors (where brushes were worn) but never with a brushless - Am assuming the Mazzer is brushless going by diagrams I've seen on coffeeparts etc.

    At stripdown, no real evidence of bearing failure etc, I can still spin the bottom burr freely as would be expected.

    Put top assembly back together, with a few beans... same symptoms.. no grind, occasional attempt to start when pressing manual grind a few time.

    Looking at various online reports of Mazzer failure, comments are that the motor is pretty much bullet proof but there's a starter cap (capacitor) which can fail from time to time, considering the cost implications of a new grinder I've ordered a new cap as a suck it and see first approach.

    Various diagrams i've reviewed online don't show much componentry around the actual motor, the manual doser which has same motor from what I can tell is pretty much switch/timer, cap and motor. Removing the capacitor as likely cause I'm just left with the motor itself (on the premise that it does actually receive power via a relay which is pretty much on/off..., unless the relay itself is somewhat

    Any thoughts?



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    Until I got to your paragraph on "capacitor" I was thinking to myself "sounds like a dead capacitor"... I reckon your preemptive purchase will probably set you right, but I ain't no electrician, and I recommend you get one to do your repair work.
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    She's up and running again

    The old capacitor's covering was showing signs of heat stress but when i disconnected it from the circuit board I managed to pull the wire away from the connector, and i notice in addition to the capacitor wire I was disconnecting the motor wire, in effect wiring the capacitor in serial with the motor.

    Net effect i'd imagine would be a pulse of power when i switch the motor on followed by no power (as the capacitor would have been discharged), pretty much my symptoms.

    Rewired the connector and shoved in the capacitor and all good, a dozen or so coffees and it seems to be holding up.

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