I recently picked up a used Fiorenzato grinder (Mestre T80 - unconfirmed) in need of a good cleaning but I can't seem to remove the adjustment collar to get to the burrs.

I have tried winding it toward the the coarser grind (clockwise) to try and unscrew it completely. but it seizes after several rotations and is extremely hard to move beyond a certain point.

SEE HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QymQ9GH3Z4

I thought perhaps there was an adjustment screw i needed to remove, but I can't see one.

I have read that it may be seizing due to residue locking the thread, and that a soak in a cleaning solution may loosen this thread (tsp cleaner in one case).


1. Is continuing to unscrew the adjustment collar the correct thing to do? Or am I going to damage something?

2. If a soak in a cleaning solution is required, is TSP cleaner a wise choice for cleaning these metal components?