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Thread: Quamar Q50P v Macap M2M Grinders

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    Quamar Q50P v Macap M2M Grinders

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    I have narrowed my choice between Quamar Q50P v Macap M2M Grinders, paired with reconditioned used BES920 (hoping it will no be disposable garbage as the BES900 was).

    I was keen on the conical burr grinder the Baratza Sette 270 but read that they have had a few teething problems which is common with new product launches, so a little hesitant.

    The price difference is about $200 I am not after a faster grind, and both grinders are stepped
    Any recommendations or user feedback. It will be an upgrade from a Breville Smart Grinder

    I have some VST baskets that I used with the smart grinder and eventually put away as I was pushing the smart grinder beyond its limits that I would like to pull back out and start using as well.

    In the cup I have read a lot of about flat burr grinders v conical and I probably prefer the sweeter cup profile that often is ascribed to conicals, but I am not sure if this really translates across to smaller conicals. I can get my Breville smart grinder fine enough chock a machine in the cap can I expect the better bigger flat bur grinders to deliver a better cup flavour than the small conical.
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