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Thread: Should I replace the burrs on Rocky grinder after 7 years ?

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    Should I replace the burrs on Rocky grinder after 7 years ?

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    I think I have answered my own question with "yes"but my rocky is 7 years old and im thinking I should replace the burrs - it gets about 6-8 cups a day through it.

    I have searched the net with mixed results, anyone with the same experience ?



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    7 years x 7 (double) should at 18g x 365 days per year is 322kg. Try and find the rated Kg of the burr life, this will give a rough idea.

    When you next remove the burr for cleaning check how sharp the edges are. Should score your nail if dragged across the edge. But really, I reckon it would be hard to tell definitively this way.

    I would guess a new set of burrs would be worth it at this through put especially as they are quite cheap.

    A comparison of in the cup taste between a new set would be the best way.

    Just did a quick search and previously here someone said mazzer mini 58mm burrs are rated for 300kg.

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    Just have to make sure you buy a genuine Rancilio burr-set, not a generic as these have nowhere near the life of the originals.

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    Mal is correct.

    When I had a Rocky was told by the retailer the burrs were good for 300 kg, I noticed substantial slowing at <> 200 kg, replaced with non genuine, they lasted about 6 months, replaced them with Rancillio burrs, dramatic improvement, they were still going strong when I sold the grinder a couple of years later.

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    Just replace the burrs in my Super Jolly after 180kg, I had read that 300kg was the change point but my shot consistency was all over the place and the only thing I could put it down to was the grinder. After replacing the burrs my grind time reduced by about 4 seconds and consistency returned.

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