I had to clean these up for sale as I have ordered a brand new Robur.

The big surprise cleaning these is there is probably somewhat less grind retention on a Robur than a M4D, not a lot on either, maybe 5 grams on the M4D and 3 grams on the Robur and this was going in cleaning the chutes everything. The Robur hasn't been cleaned for at least 9 months and my Macap for one year, so neither have been cleaned since I had them. I never clean out the chutes or grinds either after dosing.

The Robur has a well swept area beneath the blades which is clean, pretty well, a bit adheres here, the chute is very straight and steep into the doser so buggerall accumulates there but there was some stuff that had been caked on for months or longer (I hadn't cleaned it since I bought it from the cafe). This was black looking showing it's age. I don't think the buildup affected the flavours in any way though and it seems to me that while it isn't a machine that needs to be cleaned in a dry climate such as Perth very often, when you do it is dead easy to clean.

The Robur is the easiest to dissemble and reassemble you don't need ANY tools and it is dead easy to reset to the exact point you left it.

The Macap M4D has a total of four screws that need to be removed and is a bit more fiddly and you would have to carefully mark the positions of everything if you wanted to get back to your original grind point.

Overall the Robur is an amazing machine and Mazzer have done a phenomenal job of making a bullet proof machine as easy to use in the kitchen as it is in busy cafe. and you could literally dissemble and reassemble it in 90 seconds, it is that easy.

The Macap of course is a great machine too and the depth of the burr assembly and the robustness of the components also impressed a lot.

Neither machine will disappoint but IMHO there is no substitute for big burrs such as 83mm burrs in a Major if you go for flat burrs or these monster 71mm conical burrs with 900W behind them.

The Macap though is obviously much more kitchen friendly size wise at about 9kg versus 28kg for the Robur (uses steel for case rather than aluminium).