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Thread: Mazzer Super Jolly - New Burrs Question

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    Mazzer Super Jolly - New Burrs Question

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    Hi all,

    I decided it was time to replace the burrs in my Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic.

    I went onto and purchased what I believe to be the correct product...

    However upon receiving the product, they are titled "Mazzer Mini Elec" burrs (189D). They're the correct size/fit, but I have a feeling they may not be cut the same way.

    I've read that super jolly burrs should carry the model number 33M... Are the mini electronic burrs identical to the super jolly burrs? Or should I be giving coffeeparts a call tomorrow?

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    I'm pretty sure that the burrs work in both, but best to give Pedro (at Coffee Parts) a ring tomorrow.
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    Mazzer mini burrs are different. The SJ has a bigger motor and more torque, so the burrs have a more aggressive cut. Mini owners will sometimes use SJ burrs to shorten the grind time at the risk of stalling the motor on hard beans or light roasts. Although the ones you have will fit and work, I'd be contacting Coffee Parts.
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    Thanks guys. I've lodged a return.

    I can't deal with 20-25 seconds to grind 20 grams

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