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Thread: grinder choice

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    grinder choice

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    Hi guys,
    Im new here and I need advice...
    Cant choose between Iberital challenge and Isomac granmacinino :-?
    I researched all forums and decided to go for Iberital (was supposed to buy it yesterday) then was offered granmacinino by a local shop ...
    I couldnt find any review for granmacinino so not sure what to do.
    My mashine is Breville 800ES (didnt research properly before the purchase :( ) I only drink espresso so Iberital grind settings isnt an issue.

    Any suggestions?



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    Re: grinder choice

    Hi Mario,

    All of these conical burr grinders seem to have similar motors and I wouldnt be surprised if they used the same burrs from the same factory. The most important difference between the Iberital and the Isomac is that the Isomac has a stepped grind adjustment system, whereas the Iberital has a stepless worm drive. This makes the Iberital sensational value for money, because you can dial it in exactly as you would a more expensive, stepless grinder. Stock of iberital is thin on the ground at the moment and I wouldnt be surprised if the grinder is being discontinued; I dont think that anyone makes much money out of them! We will sell them if we can get any stock; in the meantime, snap one up if you can find one (and if its where your budget is at - the more expensive Mazzers are superior).

    If you still have your pressurised portafilters, I dont think that the steps will be a big deal. You should expect better coffee from unpressurised portafilters and a stepless grinder, but it will be more difficult to get a shot that looks good.

    Hope that helps,


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    Re: grinder choice

    The Isomac Gran Macinino is basically identical to a Lux grinder if you want to search for reviews but Luca has basically said it all.

    I recently saw some Iberitals at The Coffee Company if you are in Melbourne

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    Re: grinder choice

    Thanks guys,

    Im gonna buy Iberital.


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