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Thread: Macap M2M - Sometimes can't dial it in?

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    Macap M2M - Sometimes can't dial it in?

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    Hi all,

    I've got a Macap M2M paired with a Bezzera BZ10 and I'm really happy with the setup and the coffee it produces.

    However, sometimes I'll struggle to get my shots pouring right.

    On one setting the pour will be very slow (almost choking the machine), but going one click coarser will result in a too fast pour. It's almost as-if the 'sweet spot' lies between the two points.

    Is this a limitation of the stepped nature of the M2M?

    Perhaps I need to adjust my dose to compensate if I can't get the sweet-spot on the grinder alone?

    Generally I can move one click coarser or finer to fine tune the pour, but sometimes I just can't seem to get it dialled in.

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    Hi dbun
    I think you're on the money with adjusting dose & pour to manage the stepped adjustment, if it's required. My gut reaction to your situation would be to go slightly finer in the setting, then underdose and tamp lighter, rather than the other way around. I've always found that gives a richer flavour than coarser and breaking your tamp trying to slow it down
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