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Thread: Cunill Tranquilo mods

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    Cunill Tranquilo mods

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Here's the thing, this awesome value grinder does a very good job and an upgrade needs to be Super Jolly territory for an obvious in-cup improvement (which isn't happening in the near future).
    But the adjustment mechanism isn't fine enough for making those little adjustments for espresso.
    There are some weird and wonderful mods out there but nobody seems to have addressed this basic issue, apart from what I'd consider unsound bush mechanics stuff, like a bit of rubbrr instead of the detent.
    Has anybody considered the feasibility of retrofitting the worm drive from (say) a Cunill Brasil?
    I'd give it a go but am unsure as to compatibility with the adjustment notches on the burr wheel.
    Worth thinking about? There's a truckload of these grinders out there.
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