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Thread: Grinder query

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    Grinder query

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    Advice please ! I have a Linea Mini and my grinder is a 6 month old Eureka Atom. Just the other day the Atom refused to run, as if a rock had jammed the burrs. I took it back to the shop as it was still under warranty and they found that it was clogged under the burrs and down the shute with ground coffee. No charge for me but they said it was caused by using too fine a grind and over the months had built up. Has anyone else had this problem ?

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    I had this happen with my Quamar Q50. In my case I found that I had the plastic chute from the bottom of the hopper open all the way so beans would fall into the grind chamber and 'clog' the burrs.

    Nowadays I leave the chute only open ~30% of the way so new beans can still flow through, but only at a more controlled rate. Never had a jam since.

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    Yes, I’ve had that happen with my Atom too. More by good luck than anything else, I managed to find and correct the problem myself. But it does seem as though that ‘nearly so fine as to end up clogging the grinder’ point is about where I need to be much of the time. In my case that’s with a Domobar Junior and usually with my local roaster Hungry Bull’s Balmain Blend.


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