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Thread: Latest grinder Blows!

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    Latest grinder Blows!

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    Sometimes things just work out really well

    OK so Im really happy with my grinder beastie, with the exception of a significant amount of grinds left in the long horizontal chute.

    Pending a dremel slide chute mod, Ive simply ground and thwaked until the dose is done, then popped the hood, waited for the grinder to stop spinning and used a finger to remove the remaining grounds.

    Its actually a pretty easy process and it has become second nature, but it takes about a 40 sec to wait for the burrs to stop spinning, which is a pain for this tired impatientent sole whos eyes are still half shut.

    The other day I spied a cheap plumbers sink plunger and the cogs started a-whirring.
    I removed the handle, cut back the excess rubber and its a perfect fitting "dome lid" over the top of the adjustment collar [I dont use the hopper].

    Now, after dosing and thwaking into the PF, and with the grinder still running, I just bash down on the rubber dome lid and it blows ALL of the remaining grinds in the chute [plus even more from around the burrs] straight into the doser. *Actually, only a relatively light push is required but a good triumphant thump with my fist feels much better.

    A couple more thwacks and were all done.

    Quite chuffed Jan!

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    Re: Latest grinder Blows!

    Well done reub [smiley=thumbsup.gif],


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    Re: Latest grinder Blows!

    Better than unclogging toilets I guess. Very practical and resourceful.

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