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Thread: Rocky intermittent power. Advice please

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    Rocky intermittent power. Advice please

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    Would appreciate some guidance here

    My Rocky has had issues periodically with a power surge and have resurfaced after it seemed to self correct a while back. Check the video. This has been going on for 6months, it will often kick over on second or third flick, sometimes not at all and only way to get it to kick over is to open up the burrs (decrease the load?) so Iím guessing itís the capacitor not delivering the power sure to start the motor? Once the motor turns over it'll just keep going, never stops, but seems to be getting worse.

    If it's likely the capacitor do I need a rancilio replacement or can I use a generic/alternate? Itís a DUCATI one in there I think ...

    Thanks in advance

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    Seems like the start cap. Doesn't need to be a particular brand but will need to be a certain rating in both microfarad and current.

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