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Thread: Grinders for pour over (electric)

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    Question Grinders for pour over (electric)

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    Hey there,

    Iím looking to buy a grinder soon. I would only be using it for pour over, so a lot of people have been recommending the Baratza Encore and Breville Smart Grinder Pro. I was looking at more expensive grinders, like the Compak K3 Touch Advanced and Baratza 270, however it seems they all seem to be built mainly for espresso. I personally donít love the look of the Encore or Breville.

    The main reasons I like the Compak and Baratza 270 is because I like the design, build quality and low ground retention.

    Does anyone know some good-looking pour over beasts between $300-$600?

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    Mahlkonig Vario is pretty much youíre only option without spending much more. New will be slightly above your price range, but second hand will be below $500.

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    If you don’t mind turning the grinder yourself a hand grinder could be a great option as better value in regards to grind quality vs cost. A hand grinder at pour over grind size is easy. Low retention (nothing if static not an issue)
    I use a Lido E everyday for 2-3 20gm doses for espressos and it’s not too bad. Makes the occasional 70gm grind for cold brew seem like my 2 year could grind it (she tried!)

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