Hi all, first time posting.

I'm eyeing on a new grinder to replace my Breville SGP

Initially, I'm very keen on the new Eureka Mignon
I'm 99% espresso guy and I don't even have the gear for other brewing methods yet
I'm deciding between the Specialita and perfectto
specialita got a bigger burr (55mm) vs perfectto's all-purpose grind adjustment (but with 50mm burr)

to make it even more complicated, I already have in mind my next machine ECM Synchronika
so I looked into the ECM 64 grinder (to match the styling)

I don't make a lot of coffee but occasionally entertain guest, maybe 6-8 coffee at least once a week
I don't like having beans to stay in the hopper so I always only pour a small amount of bean and try not to leave them in there.

Grinder retention will be a concern to me (that's why the atom isn't on the list)

Planning to purchase this week so please, help me choose!!!!!