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Thread: Looking for the record

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    Looking for the record

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    Who can claim the record for "going too long without replacing the burrs"?

    I'll kick it off with my Rancilio Rocky, bought in 2005, and I ordered new burrs yesterday because it now takes 65 seconds to grind 18g... although it still does a good job. Estimate 350 to 400kg ground in that time. Oh and I've cleaned it twice.

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    I am happy to say that I can't match your record but I gave my Macap MXK a proper clean a couple of weeks ago, for the first time since i bought it in 2011. The conical burrs were quite clean with no coffee grinds sticking to them but the grinds were rather caked on the bottom of the grinding chamber and some of this was starting to get into shots
    I learned my lesson though as the taste of my shots improved greatly so I have vacuuming weekly and will commit to a proper clean monthly. I already have a spare set of burrs but the current set still have plenty of life as they have ground less than 200 kg since new.

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    New burrs arrived. Went from 65 secs down to around 25 secs for 18g. Also went from only just fine enough at the 'burrs audibly touching' setting to having to back off about 5 or 6 divisions. I will probably keep this grinder when (if) my Niche Zero arrives.

    Comparing the old burrs with the new... they aren't just blunt, they're noticeably shallower. Have to wonder how much stainless steel has gone through me in 13 years.
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