Hi everyone,
I am looking for some advice as I am a bit stumped.

I have owned my oracle for 9 months and have not really had any problems with it.
Yesterday while grinding the grinder started to labour and slow down to the point where if I kept it going I reckon it wouldíve stalled itself.
I pulled the whole assembly apart and cleaned the whole chamber.
The driveshaft was binding to the bush, a dob of lube loosened it up.
There is a lot of vertical movement, is this normal?

I canít seem get my grind fine enough since this incident.

Inspecting my outer burr there is a line all the way around on the cutting edge.
What has caused this? Is this connected?
Is this normal?
I have never had anything foreign in the grinder.
Isthis from the inner burr touching? If so why didnít I hear any squealing?

thankyou for your wisdom