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Thread: Ginder suggestions?

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    Question Grinder suggestions?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Use - Mostly single-dose use, 1 to 4 shots per day (mostly 2 at separate moring times)

    Some considerations
    Budget range $500 - $1500 or so
    My space (460mm tall )has overhead cupboards, size is a consideration but definitely not a deal breaker
    Quality of grind or end taste and consistency are priorities.
    Low retention is definitely a consideration

    Some machines I've considered
    Baratza Sette 270Wi
    Niche Zero
    ECM S64/Profitec T64

    I would love your suggestions, thoughts, etc....

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    Niche Zero. Receiving mine today. :-)
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    The Niche Zero seems to fit the bill perfectly.
    Though I would wait a week or so to see the feedback on the units just being delivered as you read this!

    I'm very tempted to get one, just waiting to see what the new owners think of them.
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    I suggest you add the Malkoenig Vario gen2 or gen3 to your list as long as it is strictly Turkish to espresso grinds you are after. My Varios are the only grinder I ever bought more than one - I bought four (one was a rescue job) and currently have three "not for sale" - one with the optional steel burrs for coarser grinds (stirrer plunger / cold drip & steep).

    If secondhand, the "gen1" original has buttons labelled "French press" / "espresso" etc. and is a totally different mechanism - although I did not do a direct comparison, it was roughly equivalent to the Baratza Sette for espresso. The gen2 and gen3 are a vast improvement within a very narrow grinding range - and with even less grind retention than the gen1. The gen2/3 has buttons labelled 1, 2 and 3. The gen2 and gen3 are almost identical (perhaps my gen3 is a whisker faster) other than the p/f holder. Gen2 p/f holder is lightweight plastic with metal tongs, the gen3 is all metal and weighs nearly as much as the grinder.

    Just my 2 cents worth.


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    Thanks guys
    I took the chance on a Niche Zero, it just seems the right fit for me, but it will probably be a couple months away. Meanwhile, I have a Setti 270wi coming.
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