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Thread: ECM C-Manuale 54 Grinder reviews

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    ECM C-Manuale 54 Grinder reviews

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    Hey there,

    Any one out there got an ECM 54 Manual grinder? I'm seriously looking at one of these. I like the polished SS look but want know if anyone has first hand experience with how they actually work. They are only 54mm to so wonder if that's going much difference? There's only a couple of reviews I have been able to find on the net so i'm guessing these are fairly new.

    Apology's if there is a thread somewhere but if there is i can't find it


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    Hi Aaron, I doubt you're still looking, but someone may be. I have had one for a couple of months. I'm using it with an ECM Casa V. My previous grinder was a Sunbeam EM480 and one of those cheap hand wound ones before that. I also tried using a mates Lelit grinder, don't know which model though, sorry.

    It's certainly solid, and feels like it will take some fairly serious use going by the weight alone. It's the same grinder as the sister company to ECM (Profitec) so if unless you want the badge, you can get whichever you prefer.

    The sides are nicely polished with no sharp edges like the Lelit. It grinds far faster and much quieter than the Sunbeam. Grinds are a bit clumpy sometimes, but doesn't seem to affect taste/extraction at all once tamped. The plastic part to stop beans going down the chute isn't great, the other plastic part to catch grinds at the front base didn't seem very nice so I put it in a cupboard and forgot about it. The dial is next to useless since it does have numbers it doesn't have a reference point anywhere to read off. Additionally, should you unscrew it to clean it anytime, you'll have to have a guess where to screw it back into as the dial will pass though the same point many times as it tightens up. Best to screw down finger tight while counting revolutions and try to remember how many when you put it back together I guess. The lack of index mark would also make it tricky to go between grossly different settings (espresso and cold brew for example) easily and precisely. Depending on weather temp/humidity, I find myself going one click left or right which is the only adjustment I've found necessary day-to-day.

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