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Thread: Idiot needs help with Rocky

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    Idiot needs help with Rocky

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I just got my Rocky Grinder last night and I was having some problems with it clogging up, so Iím not think when I get out the screwdriver and undo the three screws in the bean container thing. I took off the bean container and had a look in where it grinds the beans, Then it hits me, I forgot to take note of what the setting was at when I took the container of, not only that but I turned the thingy that adjusts that grind!

    Yes I was stupid to do such a thing and now Iím begging for help! Does anyone know how I can fix my grinder? I have heard of people zeroing in their grinder so someone must know how to help, Please anyone!

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    Re: Idiot needs help with Rocky


    Easily fixed.

    1.Remove the top burr carrier completly and clean everything out (helps to prevent finding a false zero).
    2.Now screw the top bur carrier back on and all the way down till it binds on the botom burr. At the point if you manually try to turn the bottom bur you will feel resistace of the top bur on the bottom one.
    3.Now unscrew the top bur just a tad to allow the bottom bur to turn freely.
    4.Switch on the grinder (hold onto the top burr cause if it touches the bottom burr the bottom burrs direction of travel will cause i to tighten).
    5.Now slowly tighter the top bur again till you just hear the burss kiss. Dont worry about wearing the burrs if you look at their designs they are flattened where they make contact. Switch off grinder.
    6.You now have your zero point.

    You can now replace your hopper. Note that the hopper can be put on in only three positions so choose the one that has zero as close to your grind indicator. Because of this you cannot have zero actually at zero unless you are lucky. Case in point, my rocky has "zero" at the 4 indication.

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    Re: Idiot needs help with Rocky

    Thank-you so much, Im so glad to hear I didnt stuff up my grinder! Thank-you thank-you thank-you! You have made my day, and once again thank-you!

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    Re: Idiot needs help with Rocky

    Shadow Fox,

    Was your original problem resolved? Did you really have a clogging problem?

    Be sure not to regrind coffee grounds.....


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