I don't know what you call the insert at the bottom of the bean hopper that stops you putting your fingers in the burrs, I am going to call it the spider here.

I recently bought a Eureka Mignon from a fellow CSer and it arrived with the spider loose in the hopper: obviously it broke free in transit. Not his fault: it was attached with a couple of dabs of hot melt glue on the hopper spigots which is useless. I thought about regluing it but the hopper is PMMA and the "spider" appears to be POM, these are not adhesive friendly.

More interesting is that the construction of the thing makes it obvious that the designer had intended that it be attached by screws: there are two 3mm through holes with head recesses in the "spider" and the corresponding bosses on the hopper have pilot recesses moulded in.

I decided to complete the job that Eureka hadn't so I drilled two 4mm holes at the indicated locations and pressed in two M3 threaded brass inserts:


Hopefully despite my terrible photography you can see that the other two bosses carry the location spigots referred to above.

I then found a couple of M3 x 15 screws which threaded straight through the 'spider" into the inserts:


Job done.

Btw if you are following along at home: when drilling PMMA make sure you go slowly and the drill is sharp. It's pretty easy to crack this stuff.

I use the brass threaded inserts on my bikes so I have them in different sizes but I am aware they are not a common item: if any CSer wants to do this mod I'll send you two of them for the cost of postage, just PM me.