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Thread: Fines in second hand grinder

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    Fines in second hand grinder

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    Hey guys,

    I recently acquired a second hand Breville Smart Grinder Pro (an upgrade from a Porlex hand grinder). I've noticed that after grinding roughly the same grind size (that I aimed for with the Porlex), I'm getting a lot more fines. By fines, I mean powdery consistency rather than the sand-sized that I desire for my brew. Am I using the right word?

    The reason why I've noticed is I'm currently brewing in a Swissgold one cup (metal) filter unit, which when using the new grinder has a lot more silty consistency at the end of the cup. Were I using a paper filter like Aeropress or such, I wouldn't notice.

    My question is, are these fines/powdery grind a normal thing in all grinders? Is this second hand unit not 'accurate'? Or is it's relative cheap price indicative of its grind quality. I'm surprised to see less consistency across the grind than by using a ceramic hand grinder. If I upgraded to a new one, such as the Baratza Encore, would I still have this issue?

    Not so much looking for advice on a new grinder, but if you have an alternative to the two mentioned in this post, let me know
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