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Thread: Gaggia MDF setting for plunger?

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    Gaggia MDF setting for plunger?

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    Calling out all you guys who own a Gaggia MDF. Ive pretty much worked out the setting for espresso (4-6 depending on beans and age), but what is the setting to use for a plunger? Im not about to drink plunger coffee but Im planning to grind some beans for a friend who ony has a plunger. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Gaggia MDF setting for plunger?

    My MDF ginds espresso in the 6-8 range, and I usually set at 12-14 for plunger, so on yours I would guess at 10-12.
    That would give you a starting point which shouldnt block the plunger or leave much sludge in the bottom of the cup.

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    Re: Gaggia MDF setting for plunger?

    I usually set mine to about 10 and get a nice result.

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    Re: Gaggia MDF setting for plunger?

    Gday All,

    Its not really an arbitrary setting like 5, 10 or 15, etc.... You just need to set the grind at a position that allows you to depress the plunger through the brew in the flask with a small amount of resistance, certainly not so much resistance that you risk breaking the brewer or spraying hot coffee and grounds all over the place :o.

    Youll find that after doing this a few times, youll arrive at a grind setting that youre comfortable using on your particular Plunger/FP. Ive noticed over time that, as with espresso brewing, the grind setting will need to be changed as the beans age or when different bean varieties are used. Theres no one setting that is just set it and leave it..... if you want to get the best flavour from the beans anyway, and thats why were all here after all :).

    This subject has been discussed in a lot of detail just over the past week and a search will turn this discussion up for you ;). All the best,


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