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Thread: ECM Best grinder

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    ECM Best grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Does anyone have any comments to make about the ECM Best grinder? How does it compare, for instance, with the Mazzer Mini?

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    Re: ECM Best grinder

    Perhaps John Doyle can comment? I know he sells the giotto, and the mazzer (which I love) but am not sure if he stocks the best?

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    Re: ECM Best grinder

    Its somewhat cheaper and its not stepless compared to the Mazzer mini. Otherwise a good grinder from all accounts.

    Charles from ECM gave me a demo of it when I bought my Giotto but I had already decided on the Mazzer Mini electronic which is also doserless.

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    Re: ECM Best grinder

    I currently have the ECM Best and Mini Mazzer and Cunill and Macap M5 in stock and would be happy to give a demo on any of the above to a serious purchaser.
    John Doyle

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    Re: ECM Best grinder

    Where are you in Sydney, John?
    Have you a shop?
    Sorry, I am new to this forum.

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    Re: ECM Best grinder

    Hi Monti,

    John is in Sans souci,
    you can find his contact details on the front page under the sponser section,;action=display;num=1111069326

    or, you should send him a PM ..


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    Re: ECM Best grinder

    Clarexican -
    I know you posted this query months ago, but I can answer it.
    I have just bought one of these grinders. It is actually more expensive than the Mini Mazzer (which does not seem to be reflected in the US) who knows why...
    ECM do not make grinders, but they source them from various makers and rebadge them. *The "ECM Best" is made by an Italian *company called ANFIM - which has a proud history going back 50 odd years. *
    The grinder itself is extremely solid - 6kg - and it has a fantastic polished aluminium finish. *Looks very nice indeed. *Not nearly as tall as the Mazzer Mini and a very nice match for the ECM Giotto.
    It has a doser chamber like the MM and the adjustment is stepped (unlike the MM). *
    It would seem to be built like the proverbial brick &^*# house.
    The manual is next to useless - almost incomprehensible regarding how to use it effectively. *To the point where it implies that the machine is automatic. *For example "Turn the general ON/OFF *switch on; it will light up signalling the presence of the main voltage." and later "Start the coffee grinder and fill the dosing container with ground coffee until the automatism intervenes" *
    Maybe Im missing something, but Im guessing that it turns itself off it the grounds hopper is filled. *Dunno....
    The only switch is the one that turns the motor on and off. *The dosing lever is very tactile and general build quality is beautiful. *
    Retail prices range between $750 to $820 in Australia.

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