Iíve been comparing these two grinders, trying to figure which suits me better, and havenít been able to find a whole lot directly comparing them.

The video on YouTube on the SPII from Barista Technology is quite nice but not too heavy with nitty gritty specs, and no comparison of the SCODY II...

They both have the same sized burrs (nice big 75mm), and the SCODY II has the option of Titanium burrs stock for an extra $200.

I spoke with Coffee Parts and was told simply that they are both the same grinder apart from the extra cooling features of the SP II and a slightly slower RPM with the SPII.

But upon further research found that the SCODY II had a smaller 450w motor at 800RPM, compared to the SP II which has a 720w motor at 650RPM.

And most importantly for me, the grind time is much faster with the SP II.

Stats available from Anfim say single espresso (is a traditional Italian single shot 7g?) grind time is 3.2s for SCODY II vs 2.2 for the SP II

This doesnít sound like much, but I contacted the Anfim Australia sales rep, Johnathan, at Espresso Company Australia, and he told me that the SP II grinds around 20g in 6s and the SCODY II is 11+ seconds for the same amount. I asked why such a big difference, considering the RPM is a bit faster on the SCODY II and that I was told by Coffee Parts that the burrs are the exact same, and this was his reply:

Both use the same size titanium burr but the cutting blade patterns are different. The SPII has a blade pattern that makes for a more aggressive cut and a faster speed.

Yes, the SPII does operate at lower RPM (650 RPM), however, the higher wattage motor paired with the aggressive burrs make the difference.

Johnathan also said that the consistency of flavours is much more reliable when hitting the busy periods with the SP II.