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Thread: Rancilio Rocky grinding noises from burrs

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    Rancilio Rocky grinding noises from burrs

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    Howdy group,

    After purchasing an Espro tamp to control the tamping pressure on my puck, I have realised that I have been tamping too hard in the past. So now, I just heed the "click" on the Espro tamp, and stop tamping any further. Trouble is, the grind is flowing too fast when Ive tamped to the point where the Espro clicks. This means that my grind is not fine enough.

    So Ive need to adjust the fineness of my grind to make it a finer grind in order to get the right "honey dripping" extraction flow.

    Trouble is, at this level of "fineness" I can hear my Rocky making the scraping, grinding sort of noise when the hopper is empty of beans, i.e. the conical burrs must be so close that they are scraping against one another ever so lightly.

    Is this normal, i.e. for expresso grind, do the Rocky burrs come together so close that theres some contact? Im wondering whether Im getting metal particles into my coffee.... :o

    When the hopper is full, its not possible to hear the grinding noises, but when empty, thats when its audible.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Rancilio Rocky grinding noises from burrs

    No, the blades shouldnt touch and also the grinder shouldnt make that scraping sound when the hopper is empty.

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    Re: Rancilio Rocky grinding noises from burrs

    Burrs shold definitely not touch. Perhaps they are worn, or, not aligned properly, or bearings worn.

    See if there is any freeplay (with the machine switched off, and unplugged) and suspect any of the above conditions.

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    Re: Rancilio Rocky grinding noises from burrs

    Howdy group,

    Got to the bottom of the problem - basically I wasnt putting enough grind into my porta filter. So it was pouring too fast. So I kept trying to grind finer so that the pour would slow down.


    I "fixed" the problem by going back to a slighly coarser grind, but putting more grind into the PF. Now the burrs dont touch and my pour is nice and slow, just like honey.

    Happy days are back again!

    Thanks to all for confirming the correct behaviour of the grinder, i.e. burrs do not touch when grinding.

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