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Thread: Difference in Eureka models

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    Difference in Eureka models

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    I've decided it's worth upping my budget for a new grinder to around the $1k mark. I'm interested in the Eureka atom but also noticed there seems to be a bunch of other new models available, perfetto, specialita and silenzio. They all seem to be priced fairly similarly, does anyone know the difference or recommend one over another?


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    With the Mignon models, some of them have digital displays, different adjustments dials and burr sizes. I can highly recommend the Specialita, it is a fantastic grinder. Very quiet and consistent, digital timed display is great. It has 55mm burrs whilst the others in the range have 50mm.

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    One of the other main differences is size. The atom is a reasonable amount bigger than the mignons, so depending on how much bench space you have or room under cupboards it might sway your decision.
    I can second the specialita, had mine for about 6 month's and love it. Quiet, consistent grinds, adjustment is great, and timed dosing is very handy for me.

    I terms of grind quality, I don't think you'd be able to discern between the mignon or atom. There is a size difference in the burrs, but that's probably only going to be a second or two in grind time, so shouldn't be a big issue.

    You won't go wrong either way, but if your still having trouble deciding try dropping in to one of the sponsors if you can to see them side by side, that might make it a very easy decision.

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