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Thread: Baratza Sette BG burr worth it?

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    Baratza Sette BG burr worth it?

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    So I've just purchased a sette 270 new model and safe to say am in love with the grind speed, and the fluff grinds! But my question is, should I purchase the BG Burr for cold brew coffee and other methods that require coarser grjnds? Or will the standard AP burr suffice? Also does anyone know where I can purchase burrs for this in Australia for when I need? Thanks!

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    I am looking at purchasing a new grinder and did a lot of research into the Sette. From what I saw the BG reduced fines in the coarser setting but did not result in coarser grind size. There seems to have been a lot of doubt about how well the Sette goes as a brew grinder, not producing coarse enough grinds. You might be better off purchasing another grinder dedicated to filter (Virtuoso + is coming out soon to Australia) and looks great, otherwise the Aergrinder (hand grinder) looks good too, rated by James Hoffman. If you do decide to get the BG burrs I would say that 5 Senses should have some, just send them an email.

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    Just to note, it looks like the AP and BG Burrs have been renamed to S1 and S2 respectively.

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