I really like my Niche grinder, but I wish I could dose directly into a portafilter, so as to save a step.

I found that there’s a hidden bolt on the Niche, exactly in the right position to hold the bottomless portafilter stand. The coffee grounds mound ends up being in the right place, and there’s enough space for our funnel, so that the coffee doesn’t spray all over the place.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough space here for our taller “spouted portafilter stand”, so this trick only works if you use a bottomless portafilter.

I made a video showing how to do the modification, and how it fits into the Niche.

I’m headed to a conference in Germany in a few days, where Bugs and I will be making espresso for the attendees during the 2x daily coffee breaks. I love the Niche’s low weight, small size, and grind quality, and now I’m happier with my slightly faster workflow.