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Thread: Replace Burrs in Mazzer mini to Super Jolly burrs

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    Replace Burrs in Mazzer mini to Super Jolly burrs

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    Dear CS,
    I have researched a lot on the web regarding replacement of Mazzer Mini ( electric Type A ) burrs 64mm into a set of Super Jolly Burrs, 64mm ( 33M )
    Ok, I understood that this is workable and could speed up the grinding time a bit.

    What I do not could grasp, is that in some videos and threads it seems like a plug and play replacement with no need for modification at all. However, I also see threads where some users did not manage to replace the same, and some needed to do additional drilling etc.

    So my question to you guys is if you know the difference people are facing?

    Im planning to order Jolly burrs - ( 33M ), of course OEM , but wanted to get some input in advance what I could expect whenever I should insert them,


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    The Mazzer Mini has a 250Watt motor, the SJ has a 350Watt motor.

    If you buy the SJ jolly burrs, it can bog the Mini, the burrs are designed differently. A feature of the Mini is the slower grind time as it isn't meant for heavy commercial use.
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    Been there, tried that...

    Mine stalled 1 in 3 at espresso grind and was determined a good way to kill the motor.

    Best bet: If you want a SJ, buy one
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    Oh, this is not the info I have read when searching around. Some have got significant better shots , but also increase the grind time.
    But I hear what you say, and trust you guys, it actually made me change my mind for this mod.. I beleive I keep original then.

    Btw, I received my Rocket R58 today, feels Im closer to heaven.

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