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Thread: Burr-illiant

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    Ive been inspired by Mals recent posts regarding the big improvement gained from a new set of burrs and his findings that the old blunt burrs generated a significant ammount of fines [dust].

    My 5year+ Compak has had a hard life [although its now enjoying a pampered semi retirement only a CSer can provide] and I could tell the burrs were quite blunt by their touch.

    Furthermore, my pours seemed to have a paler extraction colour than all the text-book photos Ive seen and also there seemed to be an underlying bitterness and muddiness in my shots.

    I suspected an excess of fines caused by blunt burrs was over extracting within the shot and causing the above.

    So the new set went in yesterday.

    But first I ground a double dose with the old burrs and gently sifted it through a fine mesh strainer to seperate the grind from the fines.
    Once the new burrs were fitted and "dialed in" I repeated the experiment.

    The attached phot is quite revealing:

    The upper "piles" in the photo show the Fines [top left] and the Grind [Top right] from the blunt burrs.

    The lower "piles" show the new burrs fines [bottom left] and Grind [Bottom Right]

    I dont have scales to weigh, but I think this result concurs with Mals findings.

    And the results:

    The extraction with the new burr set looked text-book gorgeous,and the taste was sensational: very very clean, very sweet, no muddiness in flavour, and heaps of differentiation revealed in the blends characteristics, and not a hint of bitterness.

    A huge improvement.....................very happy Jan.

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    Re: Burr-illiant

    Great stuff Reubster [smiley=thumbsup.gif],

    The method youve used to differentiate the performance between the old burr-plates and the new is very similar to what I did, quite an astounding difference it is too :o.

    I reckon that once youve got a commercial grinder performing at its best, youre not really going to want to go back to anything else, the grind is just so darn good and the effect in the cup is huge. I bet, like me, youre finding it hard to wipe the smile off your face Reubster :) ;). All the best mate,


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    Re: Burr-illiant

    That is a very telling experiment, Reubster, very imformative for us all.

    It backs up anectodal "evidence" with tangible proof.

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