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Thread: Super Jolly anti-static mod

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    Super Jolly anti-static mod

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    Hi guys,

    About a week ago, I was given a very neglected Super Jolly Auto. The doser was damaged, but not an issue as I was going to perform the “batter funnel” mod I’d read about. I removed and cut up the doser, using the back part of the housing to cover the motor. I added a temporary spout to this, just to check the operation of the grinder. All was good, so I ordered the batter funnel, new burrs and hopper.
    After a few more days successful operation, the funnel arrived. I fitted it and made a lid for it. I even ported and polished the exit chute, petrolhead style. Also extended the slot in the portafilter fork. This all worked nicely, with little static, until I replaced the burrs.

    Then, static like I’ve never seen before. The damn stuff was sticking to everything. I’d seen mods with fixed chute screens, removable screens, even bellows replacing the hopper to blow the chute clear. Some of these looked pretty clumsy to me and I really wanted as close to a factory appearance as I could manage. I also want to dose from a loaded hopper, not single dose.

    So, I racked my brains, lost some sleep, robbed the kitchen drawer and came up with this-


    It’s called the whisker splitter. Now, there’s little to no static and no clumping. An added benefit is that it sits in the chute during use and when the lid is removed, it pulls some retained grinds out with it. Then a quick flick out with a brush, after the burrs have stopped. I gave my new brush an impromptu buzz cut. Now I wait.

    Finally, I’m waiting for Summer (I’ve given up on Spring) to arrive in Melbourne, so I can paint it.


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    Well done mtee...

    Looks like it was originally chucked into the back of an old ute and left to roll around for a few months.
    Great recovery...

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    Thanks Mal,

    I’m pretty happy with the results so far, with a total spend under $200. It’s a nice step up from my K3 push.
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