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Thread: Rancilio Rocky - replace old style base with new style

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    Rancilio Rocky - replace old style base with new style

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    I was wondering if anyone has tried upgrading the base of their older style Rancilio Rocky?

    They look like they're compatible (see attached old and new parts diagrams).

    I hoping that if I buy and install part 3812367, I can dose straight from the spout onto a portafilter that is sitting on some scales.

    At the moment, when I put my scales on the old large stainless steel base, the scale vibrates and eventually my portafilter falls off.
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    Looks like a swap would be possible, but I don't know if it will mitigate the vibration issue...

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    I wouldn't buy/install the new grounds tray, so without it maybe I could get my scale close enough so that grounds would fall straight into my portafilter.

    My issue is that the large stainless base vibrates a enough to shake the portafilter off the scale (and scale off the base if I run it long enough), but if i put the scale on the bench next to the grinder the vibration isn't nearly as bad.

    I guess I could also make a small stand that goes around and over the current base, so the scale is somewhat isoldated from the grinder vibrations.

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    Can you simply put some rubber matting or a piece of that non-slip kitchenware matting on the steel base?
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