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Thread: EM0480 Cleaning Issues

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    EM0480 Cleaning Issues

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    Hi Guys

    I pulled my em0480 apart yesterday to give it a clean out. i was having no issues with inconsistency, and was getting a good grind on about 7.

    Since ive cleaned it out, im finding that i cant find a sweet spot again, and im back all the way to 10 and the machine is still choking. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems that after the clean, the machine operates on higher grind settings for me, suggesting that the more it gets clogged up, the less efficient is becomes. I could understand 1 or 2 clicks, but im 3 clicks back and still going. Does this make sense?

    Its a pain if everytime you clean it you need to go along the learning curve again to find the right settings. Might just not clean it again *;)

    I hate wasting coffee.....

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    Re: EM0480 Cleaning Issues

    Hey C-B,

    At a guess, Its most likely either of 2 things and probably the second.

    1. You havent reassembled it properly
    This is very easy to do and not brilliantly explained in the manual.
    I dont have mine to check anymore, but the upper burr needed to be reinserted ONLY when the collar was fully the pointer was lined up with at the release button. If this is not done, the burr wont travel up and down within the thread as the collar is rotated.

    2. Arrow alignment.
    When you reinsert the burrs you must line up to those little arrows painted on th e stator.
    There are actually two arrows [180 deg apart].
    The grind setting is influenced by which arrow you align up to.
    From memory, I found with mine, that depending on which arrow I used, the espresso range was either around 13-16 or 6-8.

    All grinders need to be regularily pulled apart for cleaning, you just have to get used to its quirks.

    Good luck and let us know how you go.

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    Re: EM0480 Cleaning Issues

    I bought the 450 last week (same internals) and have pulled it apart to clean it several times.

    Ive had no problem putting it back together and not had any problem like you describe c_b.

    Double check as per reubsters instructions.

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    Re: EM0480 Cleaning Issues

    Ive got a Sunbeam and it does clog up, when grinding I gently tap the hopper and this helps clear the chute. Once a week I take it out the garage and take the top burr and carrier off and give it a good blast with my air compressor, the amount of grinds that come out is amazing. When putting it back together make sure the burr is locked in properly otherwise you get a very coarse grind. I took it back where I bought the first time I used it. The shop assistant took out the burr clicked it back in and away it went. So far its been a great little grinder, time will tell!!!

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    Re: EM0480 Cleaning Issues

    Im cleaning mine every couple of days.

    It does retain a fair bit of old grounds.

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