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Thread: Dialling In

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    Dialling In

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    Im trying to get used to some of the terminology used by you guys!

    When you say "dialling in" your grinder, does that simply mean finding the right grind to get your 25 to 30 second shot? *Or does it mean something else?

    Also, one other dumb question...What is meant by an "HX" machine as opposed to one that is a single boiler?

    Thanks for you help!


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    Re: Dialling In

    dialing in, yep that means gettting it right, HX is heat exchanger but Ill leave that one to someone who can explain it better then me :)
    Apart from the day I took a boiler to carlovers :D

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    Re: Dialling In

    Hi Secksy,

    Yep "dialling in" is basically what you say..... adjusting your grinder to get the correct pour time - ie 30/60ml in 25-30 seconds....

    HX stand for Heat eXchanger...

    There is basically one big boiler which remains at the temperature to produce steam (about 120-125C) and under pressure (about 1 Bar)..... through that hot water cold water is passed in a tube (it can actually be far more complex)....

    As the water to the brew group passes through the 120C water some heat flows from the water in the large boiler into the water to the group.... If the flow rate is correct then the water coming out at the group will be the ideal temperature to extact the espresso....

    With these machines you can texture milk and extract espresso at the same time.

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    Re: Dialling In

    Hi Andrew,

    You guessed right; dialling in means finding the right grind setting. Some people also sometimes use it to refer to adjusting the dose.

    Theres a great explanation of the different types of espresso machines here:

    "HX" is short for "heat exchanger," which will make more sense after reading the linked article!



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    Re: Dialling In

    Thanks for your help guys!

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