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Thread: EMO480 Manual Wrong...

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    EMO480 Manual Wrong...

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    Well, unclear at least... :-)

    In the little section where it talks about removing the top bur from the adjustment collar, it implies that the bur just lifts out. And it might, if it wasnt screwed in in the first place.

    What Ive found is that the top bur can only be screwed/unscrewed when the entire adjustment collar has been removed, and that it you try to put the bur back in with the collar attached to the main unit, it will just sit there, not firmly held in place. Itll still look right, but the grind will be pretty much random (I suspect wether or not the coffee container happens to be pushing down on the burs plastic top makes some difference). To me it wasnt even particularly obivous that the top bur was capable of being screwed in, it was only after a close examination of the collar and quite a bit of playing around that I realised!

    Sorry if this dupe, but I havent seen this mentioned, and I have seen people claiming that the top bur just need to be pressed in...


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    Re: EMO480 Manual Wrong...

    I have an EM450, when I got it out of the box and tried grinding it was really coarse and would not adjust, I took it back to the shop they fiddled with it and clicked the top burr back in place and it was fine.
    I cleaned the machine a while back and same thing happened as I hadnt locked the top burr in properly, once I did this it was fine. My Rocky arrived yesterday so now Sunbeam is in my garage next to Corretto for my early morning grind (I was banned from 5am grinding in the house!!).

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    Re: EMO480 Manual Wrong...

    I thought there was something funny going on when I cleaned it, reassembled and got chunky plunger coffee grinds from a setting of 10!

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    Re: EMO480 Manual Wrong...

    I had no problem with mine, but had read a lot here on CS about similar problems beforehand.

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    Re: EMO480 Manual Wrong...

    and I have seen people claiming that the top bur just need to be pressed in...

    At least some of the discussions on CS about this were refering to way the top metal burr is fitted into its plastic carrier, ie nothing to do with the adjustment collar, and nothing to do with refitting/removing the upper burr carrier.

    The top metal burr is a press fit into its plastic burr carrier.

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