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Thread: Turning my hand grinder into a Rocky

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    Turning my hand grinder into a Rocky

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    I recently added some tiny little ball bearings races to the axle of my Trespade hand grinder to get a better grind.

    THe idea was to eliminate the shaft wobble that results in a relatively uneven grind. It also means I can tighten the burrs up all the way to make the grind finer.

    Shaft wobble eliminated, the grind has improved, and the grinder looks as if it will last forever now.

    If anyone is interested in further information on this mod then post a reply.

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    Re: Turning my hand grinder into a Rocky

    now all you need to do is add a motor ;)

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    Re: Turning my hand grinder into a Rocky

    just throwing this out there: could you fit the handle/motor of a bamix/hand held mixer to drive a manual grinder?

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    Re: Turning my hand grinder into a Rocky

    Beanhead, that sounds like a great mod. My vintage Trespade does suffer badly from wobble at the top due to excessive wear. How about some details and pics?

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    Re: Turning my hand grinder into a Rocky

    Definately some pics, We all love to see photos of other CS mods. (coffee related of course) ;D

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