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Thread: Upgrade grinder only, or save up and upgrade both?

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    Upgrade grinder only, or save up and upgrade both?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    We have the Sunbeam 6910/0480 combo, with beans from local roaster, and have been enjoying coffee much better than we can get from any local cafe. However have been contemplating our next move (It never stops does it?!)

    Would upgrading our grinder lead to an appreciable improvement in doffee from the the 6910? I would want a grinder to see us through any future upgrade of our machine. It seems to me that something like the Compak/Macap/Mazzer would be the way to go. Budget flexible, up to $700 is ok, more than that ... well there would need to be a case but would consider...

    So my question is - is it worth upgrading the grinder now, from a "whats in the cup" point of view, or should I save up and upgrade grinder and machine in one go?

    Re other things like doser/doserless and stepped/stepless, will have to go and get help from a site sponsor. The 0480 is messy, so doser appeals. Stepless seems to be the way for espressos, which is what we drink. Can keep the 0480 for the occasional plunger if the stepless is too difficult to adjust.

    And I enjoy the site immensely


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    Re: Upgrade grinder only, or save up and upgrade b

    Hi Kay,

    I believe that you will see a benefit in the cup with an upgrade and if you do it well this time, you will have a grinder for life- which will be perfectly matched to a new machine if/when you choose to upgrade.

    You are looking in the right direction with Compak, Macap or Mazzer. All are terrific grinders.

    Each machine/grinder is a box of compromises and its a matter of finding the best match for your requirements.

    Please feel free to give me a buzz if you wish and Ill be happy to discuss pros and cons with you to help ensure that you purchase the correct grinder for your requirements.



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