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    Rocky DL

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    Hi guys I just got myself my first grinder, a Rocky DL. I am using it with a very low end Sunbeam but that machine will have to do for now.

    I just have one question regarding the Rocky. Is it normal for the grinds to be clumped together when it comes out of the chute? The coffees come out fine (still fine-tuning the grind setting) but just wanted to make sure this is not a problem.

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    Re: Rocky DL

    Hi Mark.
    welcome to CS!!

    yes, the Rocky DL can clump a bit: when i had mine i used a cut-back small yoghurt container which fitted tightly in the top of the basket (cut bottom of yoghurt container out, and trim cup to about 3 cm) to catch the grinds, then stirred the clumps out with a toothpick, needle-stuck-in-cork or such.

    good grinder, though!!

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    Re: Rocky DL

    Its is normal, caused by static. You could try grinding it into a plactic container then into the PF or as someone else here does use a straightend saftey clip to break the clumps in the PF.

    But its normal


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    Re: Rocky DL

    Yep - some beans will be affected more than others, but overall a bit of clumping will happen. Can I suggest that you grind about a third in then tamp the PF downwards on a tamp mat or similar a couple of times - 2-3 times say. Then repeat twice and you will have a nice full basket with no lumps, then smooth level and tamp.


    PS. Welcome to the site MarkC - you have a very nice grinder that will give years of service and will serve it up nicely to higher end machines. I went from a Sunbeam Ristretto with my Rocky to an EM6910 and now a commercial FAEMA.

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